I Help Women Regain Self-Worth By Healing Trauma
Learn How To Shed That Doormat Life And Channel Your Inner Badass.

Connect to your inner guidance and heal from past soul sucking relationships! 

Your life was meant to be abundant, and overflowing. 

Health, wealth, love and happiness were always meant to be ours. 

It's time that we shed these layers of unworthiness and embrace our inner badass.  
What People Are Saying:
"...She beautifully guides and listens"
"Jennie’s session was one of the most gentle I have felt. I was able to go deep and feel safe enough to let out some emotions that I had no clue were so stuck. She beautifully guides and listens. I highly recommend working with her and getting some beautiful insights from her. She feels like rose petals floating in pink light. Thank you Jennie. "
-Amani Zein    
Network Marketer   
"...She saw right through to the root of my problems "
"I highly recommend working with Jennie if you want a better relationship with yourself and the world. She is an amazing healer and such a kind, nurturing person. She saw right through to the root of my problems and ignited healing at the deepest level. I gained clarity and tapped deeper into myself for healing so I could experience more of who I am at the core. "
- Michael Marshhausen  www.HumanvsSoul.com
"... she gave me my life back."
"I had been on every diet, and done every exercise program you can think of since the age of eight when my trauma began. Jennie helped me to realize that my weight problem had absolutely nothing to do with food. That what I did was to secretly punish myself with food. During our sessions she helped clear all the trauma that I had been holding onto since childhood in a very loving way. I can honestly say my relationship with others and myself has taken a complete turn- around. I now look forward to each new day. I have fallen in love with my husband again, and have become the mom and employee that I always wanted to be. The money I spend on healing, I would have paid triple ($4,800 package) because she gave me my life back. Please give yourself this gift. You will not regret it. "

-MaryAnn S.
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